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Natural Systems Melatonin Plus B6 60 Capsules

SKU 64682421906

A substance that helps regulate sleep cycles, attempting to regulate the biological clock. It stimulates the immune system and protects the central nervous system, while contributing to prevent an irregular schedule gap.


Melatonin can positively influence the reproductive, cardiovascular, and neurological systems. 

Acts as an antioxidant that protects each cell within the body. 

Improves the immune system’s efficiency by increasing natural defenses against general illnesses. 

Allows hypertension to lower significantly. 

Treats sleep alterations in order to acquire balanced sleep cycles. 

Can be used for many other issues and helps consumers have a sensation of well-being.


Do not take if you are pregnant or if you are suspicious of pregnancy, or during lactating period.
Keep out of reach of children.


Oral, adults take one (1) capsule daily, as a dietary supplement, with meals.